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Well I say again that paramount spending hundreds of millions of dollars means this particular outing of Star Trek is not going to 100% resemble one of the episodes. You should go and enjoy the spectacle and in supporting this Star Trek and ensuring it becomes profitable perhaps you will get a television show that has the opportunity to explore the things you want but even then, that TV show is not going to be the same as the trek show you preferred to watch.

Due to changes in the world that have taken place since the last trek show and the changes in production techniques and the changing tv situation etc etc in short, you may never be satisfied and its time you moved the goalposts with the rest of us.

Lets say Star Trek started in the 30s and looked like Flash Gordon of that time, would you want Trek to stay the same as that 1930s serial forever? What if Star Trek was from 1901 and featured the enterprise looking like a giant bullet shot out of a giant cannon? Powered by steam engines? Should it remain that way forever?
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