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Re: Lost as an one-season miniseries

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the characters were alright but they became increasingly just plot devices, exposition providers and action figures. Plot became primary. But even if I focus on the character portion of the show I really wasn't that impressed,,,Kate had to have been one of the most annoying characters, the stupid love triangle that just dragged on, I wasn't a big fan of desmond and pennys romance.

a lot of characters were introduced but they were plot devices,,,Ana Lucia, Cindy, widmore, the red headed scientist, Jeff faheys pilot character, Jacob, mib, Hurley was annoying. Even in season one the way the show explored the characters felt more academic than a natural exploration.
Sounds like your problem was more with the characters than anything else. If you didn't like Hurley, Kate, Penny, Desmond ... if you couldn't see characters like Ana Lucia and Eko as experiments in, well, character ... then yeah, the show ... any show ... is going to be empty.

degra wrote: View Post
lost was an interesting experiment but one in hindsight was a misfire. I have pretty much come to the realization that modern storytelling isn't my thing.
LOST wasn't perfect, that's for sure. But considering how much the series deliberately invested in character and made that investment its primary payoff in the finale, the dizzying plot twists were at least grounded in that investment ... Perhaps it wasn't so much a "misfire" as it was a show whose style didn't suit your tastes.
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