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USS Adriatic...Looking For Some Fresh Faces

Have you ever had the desire to fly among the stars? Well I'm sure since you're in this thread you have. On board the USS Adriatic your dreams can become reality.

I'm Commander Kadilyn O'Compar, the Executive Officer of the Adriatic and I can tell you without pause that we have a crew of some of the best writers on our ship. We are a member of The 14th Fleet that operates out of Star Base 517.

If you love SIMing, or for that matter just love writing check out our website then drop me a line, my email address can be found at our website. I'd love to chat with you about filling one of our vacancies. As well if you're interested we have a chat room on the Starchat server of IRC #uss-adriatic. Come join us there, we'd love to talk.

(A)Commander Kadilyn O'Compar
Executive Officer
USS Adriatic NCC-75007
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