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Re: What is "canon?"

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If you were introduced to Star MAPS in 1980 instead of Star Charts, you'd have a different opinion of them!

And this is coming Andorian? That's Epsilon Indii VII, not a planet orbiting Procyon! See, it's these little things which hurt the most...
You do realize, don't you, that Geoffrey Mandel worked on both "ST Maps" for Bantam (credited as the Astronomical Artist, but he was actually the Co-illustrator/Editor) and "ST Star Charts" for Pocket, and his brief from Pocket's editors was to tweak "Maps" to take in all the new information provided about the layout of the galaxy suggested by the TOS movies, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT?
Lenny Nerdbol was really the infmous James Dixon, he knew. In his Fandom Star Trek Chronology he dubbed Geoffrey Mandel "the lastest traitor to Treknical fandom."

I tried to explain to him the reasons why Franz Joseph's manual and other books of the era were ignored (some of which made sense, some of which were downright underhanded and petty), but he refused to believe it, instead blaming everything on Mike Okuda as if he went rogue and took over the franchise...
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