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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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In the way pseudo-intellectuals use the term, no I am not "right wing."
Libertarian right-wing = economically right-wing. Anti-intellectualism is by the way most frequently encountered on the right.

I think the crucial questions in this debate is whether there are undesirable jobs and whether people are motivated by non-pecuniary incentives. About the former, while I think that there are no crappy jobs like today it is obvious that being e.g. an ordinary mid-level engineer on a starship implies plenty of tedious work. About the latter, in The Drumhead Ensign Tarsis did not seem to be devastated because he cannot pay his bills anymore, he is devastated because his dream job in Starfleet is gone.

Contemporary jobs are often shitty, not at least because we have virtually no democracy in the workplace. Sure, Starfleet is a mixture between a scientific and a military institution with hierarchies and no formal democracy in this work. But as TNG often pointed out, it is not a boring "follow orders" environment. Picard makes the final decision but he uses the input of each of his senior officers and decision processes on lower levels probably work similarly. This makes a Starfleet job highly interesting, even if you are just an ensign or crewman.
And as Sonak pointed out, bourgeois ideology doesn't exist anymore in an affluent world so most people are citoyens, i.e. they don't care about material benefits but, to paraphrase Picard, improving themselves and all of humankind. I'd rather have such people conduct an exploratory and defensive agencies than a bunch of narrow-minded egocentrics who only do it because the pay is good.
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