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Another Star Trek Parody

A few months ago I mentioned a fan film I'd done, though I never posted the link, so I guess it's time.

Some folks here may have first seen it through Dennis Bailey's old site around 2004 (I think), where the only link was for a long time.

I know it's crude, and the sound's bad, but it was a fun 5 months putting it together. Despite several credited modelers and other friends, it's a one-man production that modified some existing models downloaded from the internet. I cannot take credit for the ship and bridge. It took me about another 3 months to get the courage to post it at Dennis' place. Remarkably, within 2 weeks the art department guys at Star Trek: Enterprise saw it and commented, which was more than I'd ever hoped for, and still thrills me.

YouTube's compression scheme messed up the timing in some scenes, and completely ruined my end credits.

CAUTION: Mature themes. No dirty words or naughty bits, but sexual situations are there (it's Kirk, after all). I DO NOT consider it safe for work nor for viewing around small children.

This is an unlisted link, but should work. Please advise if it doesn't.
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