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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

sonak wrote: View Post
forced labor from prisoners? that doesn't sound very utopian.
If you've ever read the novel Utopia by Sir Thomas More (1516), by the end of the novel you find out Utopia is really a very horrifying place.

Forced labor is only the beginning.

horatio83 wrote: View Post
the captain quarters in all series are as large as those of ordinary crewmembers.
In The Undiscovered Country (admittedly a movie not a series) the "crew" were shown to be sleeping in double tiered bunks.

And Data's and Worf's quarters were smaller than Picard's. I would imagine that junior officers/enlisted lacked windows in their personal quarters.

It is very obvious that replicator usage is either free or rationed ...
Not obvious at all. During TOS and whatever they had as a "pre-replicator," I see them (certainly the officers) paying for their meals out of their pay. Kirk mentioned pay. TOS was modeled on the US Navy, and in the US Military officers pay for their meals. Enlisted do eat for free.

All tedious work is done by machines and the few civilians we have seen ...
Might want to narrow that down to just "the few civilians we have seen," as seen in TNG/DS9/VOY robots are generally rare, to the point of being unusual. Money is a great incentive to perform crappy jobs, the guy vacuuming the floor at Starfleet Academy (TWOK) was unlikely to have been doing so out of the personal fulfillment he was receiving.

If I remember correctly T'Girl is a libertarian right-winger so she naturally only cares for her personal LGBT interests.
In the way pseudo-intellectuals use the term, no I am not "right wing."

Gays are not one trick ponies, To say that we are solely focused upon "gay issues" is wildly inaccurate. That said, a future where gays are not seen - heard - mentioned could not possibly be referred to as hopeful.

Nightdiamond wrote: View Post
If that's the case, then the credits aren't used on earth--and humans on earth don't get paid in any currency.
Quark was able to sell his shuttle here to someone, and purchase passage from someone here back to DS9, If he could have simply travel for free, saving himself money in the process, he would have gladly done so.

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