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Re: The ENT and Melakon

1:23 - Fallen Hero

TV Blurb: T'Pol talks sex, Tucker goes Hawaiian, Hoshi goes without.

A planetary government expels a Vulcan diplomat, and Enterprise is ordered to get her to a safe location. Teleplay by Alan Cross; Story by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga & Chris Black. Directed by Patrick Norris.

Trekvet Fionnula Flanagan appears as V'Lar, one of T'Pol's personal heroes. Flanagan had previously appeared as Curzon Dax's bedroom alibi, and as Data's "mother".

I was a little disappointed with this one due to the story's primary focus on the guest star. Flanagan does a terrific job as usual though, with V'Lar's behavior surprising everyone including T'Pol. There are a few scenes for the regular characters, with T'Pol being one of the linchpins.

I'm somewhat surprised that Hoshi is asked to make a sacrifice that T'Pol didn't consider doing herself, in terms of offering her quarters for V'Lar's use. It's especially troubling due to T'Pol's reaction after the quarters have been vacated. She's like a little martinet (martinette?) bossing everyone around to be on their best behavior.

There's a nice look at a Vulcan combat cruiser, the Sh'Raan. Sh'Raan. Shran. With four writers, can't they be more imaginative?!

On a "historical" note, the Vulcan salute first appears.

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