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Re: SPOILER - Other Starship Revealed

Aircraft carriers are supported and protected by a carrier strike group.

The issue I have is with the size.

I know that Franz Joseph’s Dreadnought Class Starship was 320 meters long, which made it 32 meters longer than the Heavy Cruiser Class Starship.

I did a quick survey of battlecruisers, battleships, and heavy cruiser classes that served in World War II.

Since we are given a length measure, I looked at the overall length of the varying classes. The smallest class is the Mississippi-class Battleship, which was commissioned before WWI, and the Iowa-class Battleship, which was commissioned in WWII. The difference in size is 154 meters. The largest class is not three times the length of the smallest. It's more like 1 1/3 times longer. There were ship classes of varying sizes between these two classes, and there were decades of experience building, testing, and fielding these ships in battle.

For me, I would find it more realistic if Starfleet built a ship that was somewhat larger, but not so much larger, to dwarf the Enterprise. According to the known ship types, the Enterprise-type starships were the largest ships in the fleet. Starfleet had to field a ship in less than a year as war with the Klingons was looming. Hypothetically, I can imagine Starfleet, after the defeat of Narada, would take an existing frame under construction, perhaps an Enterprise-type starship or a starship of another type that was roughly equal or a little larger in length, and converting it into a larger warship. However, I don't see them being able to convert it into the behemoth we see in the movie.

I understand from doing my researches what they were attempting to do. In WWII, there was a type of battleship called the fast battleship. An example of this was the USS Iowa. These ships "...emphasized speed without - in concept - undue compromise of either armor or armament." (

250 to 275 meters
270 meters Iowa-class Battleship (US)
262.1 meters Admiral-class Battlecruiser (UK)
251 meters Bismarck-class Battleship (Germany)
225 to 274 meters
246.43 meters Alaska-class Large Cruiser (US)
237.76 meters Littorio-class Battleship (Italy)
235 meters Scharnhorst-class Battleship (Germany)
228.7 meters Renown-class Battlecruiser (UK)
227.1 meters King George V-class Battleship (UK)
200 to 224 meters
222.190 meters North Carolina-class Battleship (US)
216.4 meters Nelson-class Battleship (UK)
215.8 meters Ise-class Battleship (Japan)
215.8 meters Nagato-class Battleship (Japan)
215.1 meters Dunkerque-class Battleship (France)
214.58 meters Kongō-class Battlecruiser (Japan)
210 meters South Dakota-class Battleship (US)
205.6 meters Baltimore-class Heavy Cruiser (US)
204 meters Myōkō-class Heavy Cruiser (Japan)
202.8 meters Admiral Hipper-class Heavy Cruiser (Germany)
202.7 meters Fusō-class Battleship (Japan)
201.6 meters Mogami-class Heavy Cruiser (Japan)
175 to 199 meters
196.9 meters Trento-class Heavy Cruiser (Italy)
196.82 meters Queen Elizabeth-class Battleship (UK)
194 meters Suffran-class Heavy Cruiser (France)
192.54 meters Takao-class Heavy Cruiser (Japan)
190.27 meters Colorado-class Battlecruiser (UK)
190 meters County-class Heavy Cruiser (UK)
190 meters New Mexico-class Battleship (US)
190 meters Revenge-class Battleship (UK)
190 meters Tennessee-class Battleship (US)
189.1 meters Tone-class Heavy Cruiser (Japan)
186 meters Portland-class Heavy Cruiser (US)
185.3 meters Pennsylvania-class Battleship (US)
184 meters Hawkins-class Heavy Cruiser (UK)
182.96 meters Northampton-class Heavy Cruiser (US)
182.8 meters Zara-class Heavy Cruiser (Italy)
181.2 meters Gangut-class Battleship (Russia)
179.27 meters New Orleans-class Heavy Cruiser (US)
178.5 meters Pensacola-class Heavy Cruiser (US)
177.7 meters Nevada-class Battleship (US)
176 meters Andrea Doria-class Battleship (Italy)
176 meters Conti di Cavour-class Battleship (Italy)
175 meters New York-class Battleship (US)
150 to 174 meters
171 meters Wyoming-class Battleship (US)
166 meters Bretagne-class Battleship (France)
166 meters Courbet-class Battleship (France)
164.6 meters York-class Battleship (UK)
159 meters Florida-class Battleship (US)
125 to 149 meters
127.6 meters Deutschland-class Battleship (Germany)
100 to 124 meters
116.4 meters Mississippi-class Battleship (US)
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