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Re: Crazy Start to the day..

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the damage on the Navy ship will be payed for with tax money, but I wonder if the insurance will pay for the repairs on the fishing trawler. It must be rather devastating for the owner.

Did anyone get hurt? Ships can be rapaired easily - with people it's a good deal harder.
6 people with minor injuries
but it could have been worse.

as for the ship the unseen damage will come out later who to say the whole ship isn't tweaked a bit, I know that if the loader are off as much as an 1/8" the shells wont load.
and when I saw the ship yesterday when I was delivering to a shop near it there is a bid dent at the water line in the stern from it being pushed back about 20-30 ft. on impact.

here is the story in Fridays paper with images
Trawler hit by blackout, engine surge before collision with warship at CFB Esquimal
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