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Re: Revolution - season 1 part 2 -

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Yeah, I thought it it was a little odd that she never mentioned Georgia since it seemed like common knowledge that they traded with Euope.
Right, she had mentioned there no ships to take her there. Either she did not know, or there is a bit of a retrocon there.
How long was the doctor in that town? It was definitely isolated...remember Miles' comment to his nice "You ARE a hick". If she was in the town for a while...not much communication

Miles & Nora knew a lot about Georgia because 1) Miles was a general and 2) Nora traveled a lot herself (and/or was part of the Monroe Republic)

The trading with Europe seemed ike a recent thing and/or rumor.

So it looks like hints for season 2:

1) Aaron gets reunited with his wife
2) There is a connection with iPhone doctor's kids (new romance for Supergirl? Teen lover angst?)
3) War with Texas
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