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Re: VOY Caption Contest 106; Returning to the Fold

: I know, I know, you worked your way through the Academy as a Starbucks barista. Sheesh, let it go.

: These re-creations got a lot more popular after Doctor Whipple discovered they had two-ply sonic toilet tissue back then.
Paris: Amazing, considering it predated the sonic toilet by 200 years.

Neelix: What'll it be, Mister Vulcan? Juice or rarified methane?

Tuvok: I've got a two hour repair in Jeffries tube eight with Lieutenant Vorik, so....

Neelix: Gas it is.

Zimmerman: I'll have to shorten your junk to make room for your quip subroutines.
EMH: Do it! Ladies love quips.

Neelix: Now you be the obelisk and I'll discover tool use.

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