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Re: Beauty and the Beast is Awful.


The story is going to the right places BROADLY.

Boy meets girl, Boy stalks girl, Boy saves girl, girl falls in love with boy, boy and girl run from global conspiracy, second boy likes girl, global conspiracy co-opts second boy, second boy finds out about first boy, second boy tries to kill every one, second boy figures out that first boy isn't that bad, second boy sacrifices himself to save boy and girl, third boy turns up...

But minute to minute, Beauty and the Beast is just so excruciatingly painful, listening to these two emotional fuck ups talk about how impossibly in love with each other they are and how the world and law cannot get in the way of their undying emotional entanglement... I just want the bad guys to win so bad.

Here's my problem.

What I didn't find out till about episode 14.

Jay Ryan is a kiwi.

His American accent is awful, and he'd bought into a shit franchise, but that's fricking Kevin from Go Girls!!!!

Go Girls is/was Awesome, so by extension so too is Jay, but I feel so betrayed that he would invest his talent, HIDE his talent inside basically an abomination trying to drive me insane.

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