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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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Hartzilla... obviously we don't see eye to eye. You're nitpicking minutiae and your arguments seem based more on your opinions than fact.
Says the guy making stuff up that was never said in the film.

As for the Ship and Nor the Battle to the Strong... they're examples of ground fighting and the types of casualties seen.
But they're not really good examples of the type of war the federation is fighting.

What they are fighting is a war of attrition with an enemy with limitless troops and ships. The particles are not going to affect that in any sizable way.

Hell the fact that the federation won without the particles pretty much shows how little effect there loss or prescience had on the war.

As for Anij dying in the cave? They're on a planet surrounded by a low levels of the radiation. Her injuries sustained were killing her more quickly than she'd be healed. Like if you're bleeding from a deep wound, a band-aid and some ointment isn't going to do much to stop it even if they're helpful in normal circumstances. You need more.
Where in the film was that ever mentioned.

What the heck do you call Geordi's eyes freaking regenerating themselves?
Wow regeneration an optic nerve, thats so impressive

Just like when Pulaski seemed to think she could do the same thing with existing federation medical technology.

They even said it would revolutionize medicine as they knew it.
That doesn't exactly equate to a military advantage though does it. And it's pretty vague seeing as they never went into specifics outside of healing optic nerves and extending lifespans, so I find it dubious that this statement is enough to prove all the claims you made about these wonder particles.

sonak wrote: View Post
All your arguments are basically circular- Kirk would do it because it's the "right thing to do." Ru'afo has to be wrong because the film has declared that he's supposed to be the bad guy.
And all of yours are based on misremembering factoids about the federation said and shown in the the various series, a lack of understanding of actual terms with definitions, and an over estimation of just how valuable the particles are seeing they did not in fact mean the difference between victory and defeat in the Dominion War and that's if this film even takes place during that war.
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