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Re: Abrams: Star Trek Maybe

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I'd love a Tarantino Trek, but if people think Abrams et al. have strayed too far from the "Roddenberry vision thing", well…
And "those people" puzzle me.

The most unique, rare feature of the "Star Trek" franchise is that it was purposely crafted to be able to tell any story one could imagine - why in hell do "those people" want to shackle it to some nebulous ideal?

I'd like to see Matthew Vaughan try his hand at it. But I'm happy with what Abrams is doing so far, so no rush to pass it off to someone else.
I don't know that name (Mathew Vaughan), but I would be open to him or anyone else.
Vaughan directed X-Men: First Class, among other things, and was quite successful with his take on classic characters as their younger selves (and the casting was good for this scenario--so similarities with Trek). His visual aesthetic differs enough from Abrams so that he would not be a carbon copy, but he appears capable of refreshing and respecting an existing set of characters.

As for Abrams and Star Wars--he's a hired gun. He's not running the whole operation like he is with Trek at the moment.
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