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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

Hartzilla... obviously we don't see eye to eye. You're nitpicking minutiae and your arguments seem based more on your opinions than fact. There were tons of ground battles during DS9. Martok and Damar mentioned 500,000 Cardassian casualties in a single conflict on Septimus 3 for example. Just because it doesn't happen on screen doesn't mean there's not a bigger picture outside the main ship of the show.

As for the Ship and Nor the Battle to the Strong... they're examples of ground fighting and the types of casualties seen. If you don't think they're relevant then you're intentionally narrowing your viewpoint I should say. Munez took freaking DAYS to die after getting shot by the Jem'Hadar for example in the Ship. Even in ship to ship fighting, which you seem to think equals instant death, there are things called damaged ships with injured people... the type that send out distress calls regularly in Trek... to say nothing of escape escape pods with injured people. Heck in the final battle alone, the Defiant wasn't even hit that bad and O'brien suffered an injury.

As for Anij dying in the cave? They're on a planet surrounded by a low levels of the radiation. Her injuries sustained were killing her more quickly than she'd be healed. Like if you're bleeding from a deep wound, a band-aid and some ointment isn't going to do much to stop it even if they're helpful in normal circumstances. You need more.

Healing the injured never mentioned? What the heck do you call Geordi's eyes freaking regenerating themselves? They even said it would revolutionize medicine as they knew it. So if you think that "goes against" what's on screen, I'd submit you need to watch the movie again.
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