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Re: Avengers 2 News, Rumors, Etc. Pictures until release...

^I've always liked Dazzler as well.

I can also make out the names of several New Mutants-- Amara Aquilla (Magma), Guthrie (2) refering to Sam "Cannonball" Guthrie and his sister, Roberto DaCasta (Sunspot), X'han Coy Mahn aka Karma and Dani Moonstar. The only original New Mutant not represented is Rahne Sinclair/Wolvesbane. Dani Moonstar was actually in X2, but wound up on the cutting room floor. She can be seen in the deleted scenes.

Also "Cassidy (2)", refering to Sean Cassidy, the original Banshee and his daughter Teresa, originally "Siryn" but has taken the name Banshee for herself to honor her father.

Lila Cheney, Remy LeBeau, Artie Maddox and Kevin MacTaggert. Interesting. Moira has been in two movies, and yet no mention of Kevin/Proteus.

There are other names that I remember, but can't make out in the pic. There were folders for Alpha Flight, Franklin Richards and Project Wideawake as well as other Easter Eggs. Maybe I'll pop in the Blu-Ray when I get home get a better look.
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