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Re: why is there no more talk of a new star trek tv series?

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Here's the lowdown regarding Trek's ownership. There was a time in which Star Trek was wholly owned by Paramount (which in turn, was owned by Viacom). But that ended in 2006 when Viacom and its sister/rival company, CBS, were separated and Paramount was divided between them. Viacom got Paramount Pictures, while what was formerly Paramount Television (which includes Star Trek in all its various incarnations) eventually became the property of CBS. Paramount continues to make Star Trek movies, but only under license from CBS (Paramount pays CBS for the use of Star Trek). CBS is the ultimate owner of Trek and any new TV series is theirs to say, not Paramount or anyone else.

The current relationship between CBS and Viacom is like a separated couple that underwent a very messy divorce. CBS got full custody of Star Trek and Paramount got visiting rights. They don't really get along that well, otherwise as feuding and infighting was among the reasons why CBS and Viacom were separated.
Great info. Out of curiosity, do you know if that restructing was further fallout from the disasterous AOL/Time-Warner merger (man, that one was really f'ed up and I know took a really long time to recover from)?
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