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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

I can see a lot of Cubes being a situation where they plain blow up because their crew will stop doing their jobs when they really need to be doing their jobs.

Hugh did not "return" to individuality, he became a blank slate, he still thought the Borg were awesome and he accepted the consequences that the Borg would go apeshit to get him back because the collective loved him, but that might just be because Hugh had been assimilated as a baby and did not have a prior life to draw back onto.

i have met people on this board who think that the Borg were destroyed completely in Endgame. I might have started a poll about it because I was so agog that after 10 years, that I hadn't noticed that they were all dead an buried, and niether had the folkes over in pocket books which is when I found out that Pocket books said that 60 percent of the collective had been destroyed in Endgame, which brought the Borg in force to the Alpha Quadrant who then killed 900 billion people.

It's almost like someone should have gone back in time and Killed Admiral Janeway and perhaps everyone else on Voyager, to save the Federation from a Borg Apocalypse...

But every other tie a Cube has gotten infected... Hugh, Icheb and the kids or Seven when they gave her Ichebs Borg AIDS... The Borg had firewalls in place that the infection did not spread. But what the Queen doe is unique and decentralized and unborg that of course a crippling blow on her would result in a crippling blow on the totality of the collective!

The Queen is a stupid idea.
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