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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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I never said they had to tell the Federation the truth, but if they did ask the Federation permission to traverse their space, and didn't convince starfleet as to the reason why, I would have sent a ship to investigate the region myself. The Son'a where after all suspected to be supplying Ketracel White to the Dominion.

For all the Federation knew is that the resources to create white could be found on this planet. It would have been prudent for starfleet to survey the region.

er, I guess I don't understand your point. So the Federation finds out what they're doing.

OK, so what? It still either comes down to a PD issue or it's Federation territory. Either way, how does it affect things if the Federation investigates?
So the Son'a don't ask for the Federation for permission to traverse their space and enter Federation space, Starfleet would no doubt send a ship to intercept the Son'a vessel to ask what they are doing. So now not only are they suspected of supplying your enemy during a time of war, they are invading your space. Whilst the Federation might not be as territorial in defending it's borders as say the Romulan's. In a time of war your are going to be more aware/circumspect about border incursions.
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