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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

DonIago wrote: View Post
Is it Kirk's duty to defend them at that point?
Probably not but he would do it anyway because it's James T. Kirk were talking about he does the right thing not the politically convenient thing.

Is it realistic to expect the Federation to devote resources to protecting a planet that will grant them nothing in return?

Depends if its the Klingons yeah they kind of will because they don't want the Klingons to have the crystals either.

Not to mention if the planet is being attacked they're not going to let themselves get blown up or shot so I would expect them to defend themselves.
IIRC, the Kodos situation involved the planet being hit by a famine and there not being enough food to keep everyone alive. Kodos hence opted to eliminate X% of the population so that there would be enough food for everyone else. Hardly an approach that anyone will commend him for, but I don't see any good options here.
How about not committing mass murder thats a good option.

sonak wrote: View Post
actually, Ru'afo mentions it to Dougherty, talking about how every major power has been challenging the Federation, implying a strategic advantage through the particles.
So immortality obsessed man child is the entire reason for that argument. yeah lets go with that guy instead of onscreen evidence that the particles don't really amount to much in the grad scheme of things.
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