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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I was at my local comic place today, and was rather impressed to notice an original G1 Jetfire in his box with all of his parts! The box itself was fairly worn, but I have no doubt he's all there and doesn't look like he was overly played with. The shop owner is a friend of mine, and it's too bad he's far too expensive for me - $300 based on condition. If he were new in a mint box, my friend suggested he'd probably go for $900-1200 which sadly doesn't surprise me. Jetfire is a huge Transformer, one of the largest figures in the line (he's the same size as some of the combined team robots that came along the next year), and was one of the major additions when he was first released. That his toy was licensed from the Valkyrie mold only makes him more popular with collectors.

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