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Re: Did Picard make the right decision with the Son'a/Baku

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I do think that during wartime, Kirk would have been fully justified in taking the dilithium by force if it might have meant the difference between victory and defeat,
Yeah, see I think Kirk wouldn't do that seeing as he isn't a Klingon. That was kind of the freaking point of showing the differences between the two universes in that episode.

See I can figure this because while he wasn't too happy about the Organians not fighting the Klingons he didn't just shove a phaser in their hands and force them to fight the Klingons. He also didn't just beam down to the planet a declare the Federation's intention to build a base there he negotiated with the locals.

which is the situation the UFP was presented with in INS.
No it really wasn't.

You can keep denying that the situation was not an issue of a valuable resource during a time of war, but it's not the case.
It is the case because your precious particles had f@#k all to do with ending the war or any affect on the war for that matter.

Seriously in all of the episodes of DS9 during the Dominion War just when exactly has anything that needed those magic particles come up.

Hell during the freaking movie they only mentioned living longer as an effect they never mentioned any military benefits, and we don't even know if the war was still going on at that point.
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