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Re: Actor's that have not yet starred in a superhero movie or scifi mo

ACTORS. No apostrophe needed.

Josh Holloway from LOST would be my choice for Gambit, btw.

Meryl Streep also did "Defending Your Life," the comedy/romance/fantasy set in the Afterlife way-station. She seems pretty down to earth (no pun intended), so I doubt she sees any role as "beneath her." Hell, if she can do a musical full of ABBA songs, she can probably stomach anything.

Colin Firth has done some fantasy--"Dorian Gray" and "Nanny McPhee"--but I wouldn't mind seeing him in more scifi types of roles. He can fit into just about anything.

Mcconaughey, of course, was in "Reign of Fire." I can see him in other scifi/apocalyptic-type movies.

Bradley Cooper would be good, too. I can see him in a scifi film easily. He's apparently been trying for some time to get Dan Simmons's "Hyperion" made into a movie
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