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42--the movie

Just got back from seeing a matinee of "42," the story of how Jackie Robinson came to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers and broke the color-barrier of baseball.

I have ZERO interest in sports, in general, but I really enjoyed this film. As a slice of life in post-War America, this film really does its job well. The threats, the fear, the violence aimed at this one young man were unbelievable but he was able to persevere and keep his dignity, thanks in large part to his wife, his fellow players and of course, Branch Rickey.

I think it's a damn good film--I'd give it a 4 out a 5 stars. Some of the baseball scenes were a bit slow and it may be a bit sentimental, but overall, I thought it worked very well. This is probably also one of the best performances that Harrison Ford has given in a long time; he is a powerful presence in the film and actually disappears a bit into the character. I think that's quite the accomplishment, because it's hard for me to look at him and not think, "OMG! It's Harrison Ford!"

The entire cast does a good job, in fact. And surprisingly, the oh-so-likable Alan Tudyk gives a fantastic performance of the one of the most repulsive characters in all of baseball (at the time). It was rather hard to see him as that character, but he did a good job, because I really hated the guy. Chadwick Boseman deserves praise for his role as Jackie Robinson; it's a powerful but understated performance.

Anyone else see this?
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