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Re: Build Your Own Publishing Schedule- 2014 Edition

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I'd like 2014 to have all 24th century stories.
Why would Pocket ignore the 23rd Century (TOS) when it sells the best?
Well seeing as the title of the thread we are in is "Build your own Publishing schedule" and he used the words "I'd like..." I don't think it was about what Pocket should do but more what he would prefer.
Exactly, but maybe, the title was too subtle.

Anyway, because this is my schedule, this is what I would commission.

Due to the fact I didn't like Forgotten History and in my opinion, he hasn't wrote a decent novel since The Buried Age, I'm not letting Christopher anywhere near the schedule, so that means no Rise of the Federation sequel nor anymore DtI novels. Nor would I commission anything from Michael A, Martin and Andy Mangels. Well that's what I won't do, here's what I will do:

January: A follow up to The Fall by KRAD.

February and March: A TOS duology by David Mack.

April: Some time travel shenanigans with the Ent A crew by Greg Cox.

May: A post TMP, pre TWoK story by Dayton Ward focusing on hostilities between the UFP, Klingon Empire and Romulans.

June: A Lost Era story by William Leisner.

July: Voyager operation Full Circle book five by Kirsten Beyer

August and September: A DS9 duology by David George III

October: A Titan novel by James Swallow.

November, December and January 2015: An epic trilogy in the same vain as Destiny and Cold Equations by David Mack.
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