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Re: TNG Caption This! 312: Bring on the comedy

Picard: ..And Ensign Ro here is a Bajoran, yet another species who mistook me for a God at one point. Of course, I just told them straight up I wasn't this Emissary they were waiting for and that they should open their minds to science and rationality. And I'm sure every over starfleet officer would do the same in those circumstances.

Data: Geordi?

Geordi: I'm sorry Date, I've no idea how she has normal looking skin whilst you're left looking like a bad case of jaundice.

Captain's Log Supplemental: I really need to send another memo reminding crewmembers about the turbolift by the ready room so as to avoid queuing.

Sirtis: The Enterprise cast really don't want me on their show do they?

Picard: And this is where we start captioning you.
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