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I overlook all sorts of shortcomings that I would not overlook in other films outside Bond and Trek.
Please tell me however that you didn't like On Her Majesty's Secret Service where George Lazenby plays Bond and actually gets married in the film?

Worst Bond film in the history of the series and Lazenby was terrible as James Bond.

Trek like Bond had it's Lazenby moments. Nemesis and Final Frontier were IMO definately those moments.
Actually, that is my favourite Bond film, storywise and only the fact that Lazenby, rather than Connery, is Bond in that film prevents it from being my favourite Bond film period.
I think OHMSS with Lazenby is better than it might have been with Connery. Connery's Bond oozes misogyny—as does Connery in real life—and never manifests any sense of vulnerability. I doubt he could have sold the love story.

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As I've said about the blood, personally, I think restorative blood is far more plausible (requires less suspension of disbelief) as a science fiction device than the old Trek standards of a transporter and warp drive. It's certainly easier to believe than red matter. But, different strokes for different folks. Pluralism is grand.
Bennett, Sowards and Meyer had planned for Khan to be psychic. They wrote a scene in which Khan and Kirk fight, with Khan using his psychic ability to make Kirk appear to have to fight in a variety of different environments.

Although I'll never know what the finished scene would have looked like, it sounds incredibly stupid. Fortunately, that scene never made it into the film for logistical reasons: due to scheduling conflicts Shatner and Montalban weren't available to shoot on the same day, and the scene would have burdened the limited budget, necessitating shortcuts elsewhere.

Abrams isn't nearly as limited in the means made available to him. If the powers behind TWOK had had the budget and studio support that Abrams has, they might have created an inferior film to the one we actually got. They weren't any smarter than STID when it comes to giving Khan implausible magic powers, just luckier.

(Another bit of trivia: when they adapted TWOK for the TNG cast, early drafts included this scene between Shinzon and Picard. After rewrites, it morphed into the telepathic rape of Troi.)
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