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Re: Season 3 Theatrical Event Date Revealed

Saw it in a fairly packed large theatre in Plano, Texas last night - had a blast! I do wish they'd shown the documentary afterwards, though - it definitely spoiled the drama a little bit, even to people like myself who've seen the original two-parter dozens of times. Lots of laughs. I was kind of disappointed that no one mentioned my DS9 baseball cap, though.

Listening to the conversations of folks as we were leaving the theatre, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that a fairly significant percentage of the audience either had never seen the episode before at all, or hadn't seen it since its original airing in 1990. Nice to see that new people are discovering and/or rediscovering TNG after all these years.

Biggest laugh of the night was at the very end during the preview of the S4 blu-ray - the "I am NOT a merry man!" line from Worf brought the house down!
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