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I guess some people will avoid "The Lone Ranger" because Johnny Depp plays Tonto.

As I've said about the blood, personally, I think restorative blood is far more plausible (requires less suspension of disbelief) as a science fiction device than the old Trek standards of a transporter and warp drive. It's certainly easier to believe than red matter. But, different strokes for different folks. Pluralism is grand.

Still, let's not forget, "Doctor gave me a pill and I've grown a new kidney! Doctor gave me a pill and I've grown a new kidney!" in TVH. Granted it was comic relief, but general audiences didn't seem to have trouble coming to terms with McCoy just happening to have a pill in his little black bag that could create a new organ. Must be a pretty common pill, too, if he always has it on hand.
Further, in TVH, McCoy's medical device essentially sat on Chekov's head and used some sort of "beams" or whatever to save the dying Chekov, making him nearly 100 percent in seconds. I doubt too many in the audience responded, "Yeah. Right."
Exactly. When we dig into Trek there are things far more unbelievable than what occurs in STiD.

As for the new Kidney pill its a shame the starship Voyager did not take a supply of these pills with them into the Delta Quadrant because then poor Neelix would have two lungs instead of one!
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