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Re: Season 3 Theatrical Event Date Revealed

I was in San Francisco as well... lots of folks in Starfleet uniforms! And the Borg was pretty cool, saw people taking pictures with him after the show.

We had a blast. Nostalgia all over the place, and also a genuinely good story even after all this time. Some rough spots, sure (I think the laughter during some of Wesley's lines were simply because of how over-the-top some of his lines were, in both writing and delivery, i.e. "The saucer section's a sitting duck!!!"), but for the most part, it holds up remarkably well. And seeing some of those shots on the big screen and with restored effects (such as the Ent-D in the nebula, the battle scenes, the ship graveyard, and of course the big explosion) was just amazing. The music, too, which has always been among Trek's best, sounded great in this setting.

Someone upthread made the joke "best TNG movie ever!". While it's still technically an episode that is simply being shown on the big screen, it is a better story than all eleven Trek movies, so I'd say it's only partially a joke.

Loved the blooper reel. The crowd was in stitches throughout most of it, especially the "I did not play with bo-" segment. I especially loved how Stewart and Spiner start cracking up, and then just kind of back off the platform like "NOPE, not touching that one", while Dorn - who usually loses it and starts laughing when he flubs a line - just stands there with a very Worf like grimace on his face.

I do agree that setting the behind the scenes stuff after the ep itself would have been better, since it showed many of the key scenes that we were about to watch (and as someone else pointed out, yes we've all seen the ep plenty of times, but not with restored visuals and on the big screen), but eh. They probably wanted to make sure people saw all that, since it was basically an extended ad for the blu-ray sets, and figured some people would just leave after the episode itself if that ran first, heh.

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Its about twenty years too late to criticize content, don't ya think?
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I kind of agree with odo here. Seems odd to bother critiquing the episode itself in a thread like this, since the point of the event was to see this episode on the big screen, even though the it was originally made so long ago that we've all already seen it a million times.

And I find your criticisms baffling, to be honest. A big ship blowing up in Earth orbit should not at all be a big deal. With all the technology they have, including the presence of inhabited settlements on other Sol system planetary bodies that are subject to meteor strikes, it's pretty easy to imagine that dealing with the debris and radiation and whatever else resulted from the explosion would be quite simple.

The ready room scene was fantastic. Some of the best dialog of the entire two-parter between Guinan and and Riker there.

Picard's recovery is addressed a bit at the end, and more in the next episode. You seem to be forgetting that this ISN'T actually a movie, and never was meant to be. Given how much time passes between the Borg cube exploding (which is "the resolution of the episode's plot/threat") and the time the episode actually ends, this already has more wind-down time than the vast majority of episodes in the Trek franchise, since the formula is usually "plot resolved/threat defeated, maybe a bit of dialog, roll credits". Also, it ends on a drawn out, somber note as Picard reflects on what happened, which was pretty unusual for Trek at the time. As I said, this is a television episode, not a movie; they had time and structural constraints that a movie doesn't have, and still managed to present an actual ending with way more meat to it than most other episodes, so I'm not sure what you were expecting.

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