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Re: Dark of the Moon

^ I figured as much. Which I think is a bit of a shame, because I knew you could do so much better. I keep looking at the nacelles, and keep thinking how much thought was put into them, but otherwise, for the most part, the upgrades look overall more akin to the difference between the original Constitution and the Archenar sub-class, as opposed to between the Constitution and Enterprise sub-class.

Though that is not to say I do not understand the appeal in trying to just get something done, and moving on. I myself am an artist! And I know how working on one project in particular can get repetitive, and you're eager to move on to a new project or idea!

I just keep thinking how even when comparing the original Constitution to the Phase II Major Upgrade, in addition to the new nacelles and the interconnecting torpedo launch module, she also has all of these new details, namely all these new visible phaser banks and torpedo launchers. I will also grant however that:
1) The Churchprise has many of the elements pioneered with the Phase II and Proberts Refit, namely the horizontal bands on the edge of the saucer section, and
2) The details that appears on the Phase II might depend on the set of schematics.

On a final note, I'm also thinking that since you are essentially re-inventing a legend, you should put in your best effort before calling her done. However, on a second note, I see nothing wrong with taking some time away from her, since you'll probably never really give her your best effort if you aren't having fun while doing so.

I hope you understand what I'm trying to express here (and oh dear, I think I might have gone off on a bit of tangent again! Sorry about that!).
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