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Re: Lost as an one-season miniseries

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the reason I kept watching it was because the writers said they learned from the xfiles and twin peaks and they wouldn't let their mythology turn into a mess the way those shows did,,,that's also why I analyzed it but I was misled.
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That's why I don't even bother with lostesque shows like game of thrones, invasion, revolution, zero hour, v, flash forward, the event, daybreak, vanished etc. They rely on gimmicks instead of good storytelling.
Then I'd say you were watching it for the wrong reasons. You weren't alone, mind you. And you, like many others, were encouraged to do so. So I don't blame you for feeling let down. But right from the start, what sold me on LOST were its character explorations. They heavy investment in character from the early episodes kept me interested even when the series was inexplicably lurching from one plot twist to the next. As such, I enjoyed the tail-section seasons, most of the side quests and, especially, the finale. That isn't to say I wasn't interested in the mysteries, or that I was completely satisfied with the answers provided. But all that was secondary to my enjoyment of the series. So when it comes to other LOST-esque shows, I'd say: watch the first few episodes and see if the characters grab you. If they do, then there's still value to the show - even if the plot isn't fully satisfying.
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