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Re: Janeways Ready Room

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No, but they turned Guinan's windows upside-down and gave them to Janeway's ready room
Well that's hardly the only time they recycled a set for another purpose.
Like I said in the first place it had nothing to do with who was or wasn't worthy and everything to do with holding down production costs. Voyager and The Next Generation shared the same permanent sound stages, whether the sets were completely reconstructed or simply redressed those sets had to fit in the same spaces. If you look at the blue prints for Paramount stages 8, and 9 you will realize that both bridges were built in the same space, all the corridors were built or redressed in the same space, engineering sets for both series shared the same dimensions. Enterprise D's bridge set is roughly the same size of Voyager's and yet on screen Enterprise's looks bigger and they achieved this by knowing how to use color and lighting.

Here is the sight that shows which Paramount sound stages were used to film all the Trek series and movies, the most important ones have actual scale drawings of how those stages were laid out. It's pretty interesting stuff.
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