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No, you implied piracy in regard of this particular film, and you know it.
It's actually explicitly clear that he did not, and if you'd reread carefully you'd see that. If he "accused" DalekJim of anything it's that he would not tell the truth.

3) Pay to go see the movie in theaters so you can know the details enough to argue about it despite promising you wouldn't go see it and that you would stay away from the discussions.

4) Never admit that you paid to see the movie, and instead proudly insist that you saw a bootleg of the film at a "friend's house" so that you can claim to argue from authority, brag about not paying, and still not feel guilty about stealing because it wasn't you, it was "a friend."
Digging in on this only compounds the silliness of the misunderstanding.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service is a great Bond movie, BTW.
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