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Re: Comic Book Related Sub-Forum in SF&F?

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Honestly, I think the biggest concern about whether or not to have a subforum is whether discussion of this particular topic is drowning out discussion of other topics. The worst thing to happen is to have a subforum and then find the regular forum is now dead.

Right now, superhero movies just happen to take up the bulk of our conversation here. There are several sci-fi movies coming out about now that I haven't seen any discussion of. If those were being drowned out, it would be different. I guess the question is whether those threads would see some light if there were a subforum. The other question is would there be more discussion of print media comics if there were a subforum.

Like I said, I'm in favor of one. There's just a lot of concerns any time you add something new.
After Earth with Will Smith for example? I know I'm trying to decide just how interested in that I am.

I appreciate your response and perhaps the next time the mods meet it can be re-evaluated using the points you made.

I personally don't think the sub-forum would die as, if nothing else, the related TV/Movie projects for the foreseeable few years would keep it active. I see the possible concern though for the regular forum. If I understand you correctly it's possible the abundance of the comic material "forces" people to scan the other threads and perhaps chime in there as well when they might not if there were a comic sub forum?

The main flow of the forum would then make the show threads for Fringe, Defiance, Walking Dead, Warehouse 13 etc stand out more on the top page or two? Other re-watch threads as well? The question is just, would people still participate? I think they would as there is lots of crossover. It might drop some but not be on life support I'd think.

Thanks again!
Unless another mod wants to chime in or someone else has an idea I'm fine with the thread locking.
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