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I overlook all sorts of shortcomings that I would not overlook in other films outside Bond and Trek.
Please tell me however that you didn't like On Her Majesty's Secret Service where George Lazenby plays Bond and actually gets married in the film?

Worst Bond film in the history of the series and Lazenby was terrible as James Bond.

Trek like Bond had it's Lazenby moments. Nemesis and Final Frontier were IMO definately those moments.
Actually, that is my favourite Bond film, storywise and only the fact that Lazenby, rather than Connery, is Bond in that film prevents it from being my favourite Bond film period. It is far from being the worst film in the series (I think Moonraker and View to a Kill duke it out for that dubious honour--and You Only Live Twice is a disappointment if I put on my 'critical viewing' cap). On Her Majesty's Secret Service hews more closely to its source novel than most of the other films (if not all) and is definitely in my top five Bond movies of all time. Sorry.
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