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The spoilers aren't going down very well across the other forums I frequent. I know forums online are not an accurate barometer of all the audience of a movie but over the next few weeks the bad buzz from these spoilers are going to gradually filter around the internet and even those who do not read the spoilers will get that bad buzz. If the reviews end up mixed or bad this movie will not get to $200 million in NA imho. If the reviews are good then theres nothing to worry about. I know there are a handful of positive reviews out there at the moment but there is a long way to go yet before we see what the consensus is amongst the critics.
Most, if not all, of this bad buzz is from people who haven't even seen the movie yet. Reviews from those who have seen it and who write articles people might actually read, are for the most part positive.
I think it will be fine in the end. We'll see.

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