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1. Stop crying and sell the ticket.
2. The game's pretty awesome thank you very much.
3. Shut up.
(emphasis mine)

The bits I've placed in bold really weren't necessary and probably could have been omitted without any detrimental effect on the message.

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Let's just say you shouldn't go further. Try keeping it about the movie instead, or maybe about reactions to the movie. Leave the other fans (and what you might like to do to them) out of it; that sort of thing really is out of place here.
Well you're the moderator so you'll set the tone as you see fit.
I do what I can.

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I assume you didn't get around, just yet, to moderating your fellow BBS moderator who, several pages back, accused a fellow forumite of supporting, if not committing, motion picture piracy? I presume it's ok to flame people if you're a mod here?
No, that would be an incorrect presumption.

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I won't hold my breath, I watched your moderation of this forum as a long time lurker, and its appalling frankly.
That's all very nice, but still - please refrain from taking nasty swipes at other fans or groups of fans, even if the swipes are merely figurative. That sort of thing simply isn't necessary and adds nothing useful to the discussion.
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