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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

It all depends on the situation.

I'll take Redemption out of the equation since CBS-D worked on that.

00:00: Modern Video - the Enterprise looks properly lit
00:09: CBS-D
00:19: CBS-D
00:30: Modern Video - kinda ugly, but that's inherent to the footage, as FrontierTrek mentioned
01:23: CBS-D
01:40: Modern Video - looks great
01:47: Modern Video - kinda bright, but the lighting is darker and more realistic than the original:
01:53: Modern Video - lighting is good, the shine is intentional
02:04: Modern Video - heavily backlit, but it's not overly bright
02:07: Modern Video - looks good

True, you can see what's CBS-D and what's MV, but the difference is negligible, IMO. Definitely not an HTV hackjob. We'll know for sure when we see their take on the ILM stock footage.
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