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I think its gonna be a great movie. I don't see what all the fuss is about. Its a re-imagining meaning all we are going to get is new spins on the old stories. Thats all any reboot is, same chess pieces (characters), on the same board (old plotline/story), but with the pieces arranged differently for a new outcome (new story). Nolan Batman, Burton Batman, Singer Superman, Man of Steel, albiet a tv show but the New Doctor Who, New BattleStar Galatica, Maguire Spiderman, the new Spiderman...they all do it. Writers essentially sit around and say, "The original story was great but how do we make it a little more modern with bigger scope and more action? I know! What if Khan was found by someone else instead of the Enterprise crew? Yeah, how can we unfold it this time making him even more of an adversary than before?" Take it or leave it thats all this is along with every other reboot.

If you want something completely new then we need a movie post Voyager or something completely different. The Matrix to me was a new version of Superman. A guy who can do all that stuff but there is a different premise.

So going into this movie being upset that they are not doing something completely different is kinda like taking the milk outta of the fridge, noticing that its sour, and then putting it back in expecting it to be good tomorrow. Your shooting yourself in the foot, as your basing your expectations of off something that was never going to occur.

I also don't understand the passionate disgruntled comments on Cumberbun being Khan. I get it and I think its a valid point. I also think the movie pays to much attention to the title of Khan and not the Noonien Singh. But Ricardo was Spanish wasn't he? In fantasy Island he was as white as they come (skin I mean). We see in the original series he was make up'd a little bit to appear tanner. It did work for the times and translated well into the 80's with TWOK because he aged well and at that point already played the character tremedously. But in the end, we have 2 guys both from Europe who have now played the same character who is supposed to be Indian and from another part of the world. Oh well, they're actors. Besides, my friend looks and is Vietnamese but was born here and is a citizen. Who's to say that didn't happen to Khan. Nicholas Meyer said it best when talking about TWOK, "Why does he only wear one glove, thats for the audience to decide with their imaginations". The point is we are supposed to meet movies half way, being dependent on them to shell out every detail results in boards like this and long boring movies like the Hobbit. I am excited to see Cumberbun's spin on it.

I think the kids are gonna love it, Im gonna love it and its going to do great! If you don't like it just say your a fan of the stuff before.

I think the elephant in the room is that we are all very passionate about Star Trek and it can feel like we are being left behind because the new is different from the old. But Picard said it best to B4, "But his wonder, his curiosity about every facet of human nature allowed all of us to see the best parts of ourselves. He evolved; he embraced change, because he always wanted to be better than he was." I am curious about every facet of Star Trek which allows me, and those like me, to see the best parts of it whether old or new. Because of this I can evolve with the franchise. Evolving can mean becoming better or adapting to the times. We gotta embrace change or get left behind. Are we better people for blasting something we have no control over? Albeit probably the worst Star Trek Movie, Nemesis was still trying to convey that message. How can one judge this new movie to be shit if they didn't pay attention to the message given in the worst of the movies to date.
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