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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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That's not the remastering, that's the nature of the 4-footer. It inherently looks plastic and toy-like. That model only looks good from overhead, and when in darkness. Then it was not shot very well, because it was meant for SDTV. When the lighting is bright, the ship looks terrible. The initial ILM work was feature quality, but later work by Image G was not. No remastering in the world can fix all of that.
I disagree, you can do a lot by sensible use of shadowing and lighting. CBSD shows this off very clearly in the 4-footer shots from Redemption. Outstanding stuff. In the Modern Video scenes on the other hand the Enterprise looks bland and overexposed. Space is dark. Somehow this is lost on everyone but CBSD.
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