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Re: Revenge showrunner leaving after being denied shorter seasons

I enjoyed the first half of the first season of Revenge. It had an interesting cast, premise, writing, etc. Just an entertaining show. It all seemed to go downhill with the introduction of Amanda, who was one of the most irritating and irrelevant characters on the show. And then we had this season's Padma and Ryan brothers stories, which only succeeded in adding more useless and annoying characters to the show.

Actually, this article sums it all up pretty nicely:
Where Season 2 of Revenge Went So Very Wrong

Did anyone notice that the last new episode (which aired three weeks ago I believe, after another short hiatus), felt different from the previous episodes? It felt like it was written, shot, and acted differently.

Anyway, do I feel that there could yet be hope for this show? If they cut down on some of the cast and re-focus on Emily's vengeance in her father's name I think we could be okay. But, as the article pointed out, having so much focus on Daniel and "The Initiative" has made the show feel messy and it makes a whole lot less sense. They also have kind of ruined the character of Nolan, who was once my favorite. He still is, but stripping him of his company was a stupid move, as it takes away missed opportunities for interesting plot lines and made him less effective as...well, anything.
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