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Re: characters getting stick for not being "perfect"?

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I'm almost tempted to give the writers of "Chain of Command" some major kudos for the way they handled the Jellico character. At first glance, he comes off as the villain, but look a little deeper and you see that he is actually the most focused, effective and clearly defined character in the piece. He almost single-handedly drives the plot (or at least the mission) to its successful conclusion.

Like I say, almost tempted to give kudos to the writers. But then I see how they trashed the regular crew, especially Riker. It really is the kind of character assassination that--in the old days--would have had William Shatner or Leonard Nimoy storming into Gene Roddenberry's office had it happened to them.
Well the only person who was really character assassinated was Riker. LaForge complained a lot but that was rather informal... and people need to blow off steam sometimes when they're under a lot of stress which Geordi was. But he did his job when it got down to it. Heck, Troi was rather useful this episode. Beyond that, Data, Worf and Crusher were all treated normally.

Riker... just suddenly reverted to a confrontational teenager that has to argue with daddy no matter the circumstances. It was kinda sad to see that. They could've had Riker and Jellico butt heads over Picard without Riker suddenly turning insubordinate and unprofessional.
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