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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

So much for my Thunder making the finals now. I always knew their luck would run out one day concerning serious injuries. When Patrick Beverley lunged at him for the ball on Wednesday when Westbrook was about to call time out their knees collided.

It was confirmed this morning that Westbrook has a small lateral meniscus tear in his right knee. Fairly easy in terms of the small repair surgery needed and physical rehab needed. Nothing like what happened to Derrick Rose, but Westbrook's out of the playoffs.

That's why he was so pissed at Beverley. He knew he was hurt. A healthy San Antonio will make it out of the West now. There's no way for the Thunder to get past them in a series without Westbrook. They'll get past Houston, but anything after that, all bets are off.

sigh. That's life. I didn't expect them to get past the Heat, but I wanted to see them make the finals without Harden and be vindicated for the trade decision. No one will remember that they got the #1 seed without Harden. Should have traded for a back up point guard before the deadline, Presti.

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