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I overlook all sorts of shortcomings that I would not overlook in other films outside Bond and Trek.
Please tell me however that you didn't like On Her Majesty's Secret Service where George Lazenby plays Bond and actually gets married in the film?

Worst Bond film in the history of the series and Lazenby was terrible as James Bond.

Trek like Bond had it's Lazenby moments. Nemesis and Final Frontier were IMO definately those moments.
Among Bond devotees OHMSS ranks VERY highly (usually only one or two down from the perennial winner, the still-awesome FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE), and with the passage of time its standing continues to climb, and that is among those who despise Lazenby as well as those who somehow find something to like about him. Also, Bond getting married is in the novel too and core to the story; it isn't something you can pin on the film for having done wrong.

So you're picking an awfully strange title on which to hinge your argument. If you'd said Timothy Dalton's second film, you'd have a lot more people supporting your view (even though I think of that as the last REAL Bond movie, one that actually occupies the dangerous universe Fleming wrote about on his best days.)

But even giving Bonds a pass because they're Bond movies is no longer valid. The Craig era has kept bamboozling folks into thinking they are seeing real drama while delivering stuff with plot holes as big as the Dark Ages with Moore ... well, either you're a serious movie and therefore subject to the same criticism other serious movies get, or you're escapist stuff that shouldn't pretend to be otherwise. Pretty hard to take seriously that spies keep their secret info on cellphones instead of in their head, since it just encourages Bond to go around killing folks for their cellphone info to get ahead on plot points, which is what an awful lot of CASINO ROYALE depends on. And SKYFALL is more dependent on idiot character moves than I'd thought possible.

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