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I would like for whoever does the next film to respect that there are fans out there who aren't like them in the fact that they aren't rolling in money. For someone like Abrams, blowing nearly fifteen dollars on a film is nothing. For a poor person, that's a meal. So, that when they do make that film, they will produce a film that has a script with intelligence and common sense and there aren't plot holes big enough to drive one of their ridiculously large ships through, and where the characters are not eclipsed by special effects and sleight-of-hand gimmicks.
If you're poor to the point where a movie ticket jeopardizes your next meal and you're still buying a movie ticket, then you probably deserve to be poor and won't get any sympathy from the majority of people out there.
That and a matinee is only six bucks in these parts. People have options other than going at midnight opening night.
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