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Re: SPOILER - Other Starship Revealed

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So, we build a 1 mile ship to counter a 5 mile ship. Why not build a ship of exactly that length, or maybe double the size, to counter this ship?
How do you know they aren't building an even bigger ship? Maybe it's the next in line in the shipyards after trying and succeeding with the 1 mile variant.

That didn't work for the Imperial Navy, as one fighter took out the bridge and brought the ship crashing into the Death Star. Imagine that happening in Star Trek.
So what your proposal? Build just one type and size of spaceship for everything? Build as many small, maneuverable fighters as possible and when the next huge Narada/D7/D'deridex fleet comes we just keep throwing large disposable numbers at them, aiming for the bridge until we're the last ones standing?

Personally, I say a balanced fleet needs the small highly maneuverable fighters, the big ass Vengeance types and more classes in between those. Each one serves a different purpose and together they cover each others weaknesses.

An enemy ship smashes into your bridge, and, considering, that you left the bridge far more vulnerable to attack, as you idiotically put in openings on either side of the bridge structure, there goes your expensive penis waving project.
We should warn all those big ass real life aircraft carriers. Their bridges are totally exposed, sticking up into the air open to attack from all sides.
Lets warn those Klingon idiots too while we're at it. With their thin necks and exposed bridges open to attack from all sides. A warrior race they tell you. Hah...

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