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There are times when I could actually like alcohol and could get wasted by drinking an inordinate amount of the stuff. I think watching this film in that condition would help alleviate the fact that I bought the ticket and would help me ease my anal retentiveness as I watch the film. Of course, I will be watching the film, because I bought the bloody ticket. I feel obligated. Ugh.

Anyway, I won't be repeating that mistake with the video game. What is it with corporations calling games that no sane person would buy, because they are more than partially broken and are incapable of measuring to anything half-decent, canon?

I would like for whoever does the next film to respect that there are fans out there who aren't like them in the fact that they aren't rolling in money. For someone like Abrams, blowing nearly fifteen dollars on a film is nothing. For a poor person, that's a meal. So, that when they do make that film, they will produce a film that has a script with intelligence and common sense and there aren't plot holes big enough to drive one of their ridiculously large ships through, and where the characters are not eclipsed by special effects and sleight-of-hand gimmicks.
1. Stop crying and sell the ticket.
2. The game's pretty awesome thank you very much.
3. Shut up.
Such a well-reasoned discourse. Now how's about making a legitimate response? You could say that with the money involved that they have to appeal to allcomers, lowest -- or at least lower-- common denominator, that sort of thing.
Naah, takes too many characters, right? Maybe hang out on twitter if characters are such a precious commodity.
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