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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

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The Borg is a gestalt mind of trillions the Federation allows to persist with the rights of a civilization.
Brings up the interesting question of what happened to those trillions of hive minds when they were cut off from the queen? Did they all go nuts? Did they land at the nearest habitable planet, build yurts and become tree-huggers? The possibilities are endless. We need a new series.
That question was answered in both TNG starting with Hugh and with Voyager beginning with Seven. Drones separated from the hive mind revert to individuality. We saw that over and over. Picard, Seven, Hugh, Riley Frazier and the rest of her cube, Lansor, P'Chan and Marika Wilkarah from "Survival Instinct, in every case they reverted to individuality. The only drones we saw that wanted to return to the Hive Mind were those like Seven and the Borg Children in "Child's Play." and even the children got over it pretty quickly.
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